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Established in 2004, GBRT started its activities by bringing some of Europe’s leading classical musicians to perform in Market Harborough, Leicestershire where every penny profit raised was given to local young musicians who could not afford instrumental lessons. 

More than a decade later, the Trust is now a registered music charity providing over 250 events per year equating to over 600 hours of music-related activities for the benefit of residents in South Leicestershire and North Northamptonshire. The Trust believes in making access to music barrier-free including keeping the cost of event tickets to a minimum, no auditions to any of its choirs and ensembles and a fully all-inclusive approach to each and every one of its activities.

GBRT’s Aim

Our aim is simply defined as: Music development, appreciation and participation for all.

Our Approach

The proven visible, positive impact that music has on the lives of young and old alike, extends to building confidence, communication and discipline, increasing co-ordination and encouraging social relationships between individuals and groups of all ages. The Trust continually strives to encourage personal development by using music in all its forms.

Areas of Activity

Our activity divides into three key areas:

Music Development
The Trust firmly believes that an individual’s financial circumstances should never be a barrier for progressing and developing their skill of singing or playing an instrument.  Therefore, GBRT actively encourages applications for grants towards instrumental or vocal lessons from local young people in the Market Harborough area.  During the latest academic year, the Trust provided financial assistance towards over 800 lessons and expects this number to increase during the next academic year to over 1,000 lessons.

GBRT’s commitment to music development is not just financial either.  The Trust runs a range of Instrumental and Vocal Workshops, Ensemble Workshops, Improvisation Workshops and is planning to add to these by introducing activities including Music Therapy Workshops and Teacher Workshops.

Music Appreciation
From the outset, GBRT has consistently provided the opportunity for its audiences to appreciate the very highest quality of musical performance.  The Trust’s events include classical music recitals, Musical Directors & Friends concert where the audience can appreciate the performing talents of the GBRT Choirs & Ensemble leaders and Community Concerts which provide a showcase of the very best local young musical talent – some of which perform in public for the very first time.

Music Participation
The Trust positively encourages both young and not so young to become involved in music regardless of age, experience and background.  The broad range of nine GBRT choirs and ensembles continue to grow and we number over 250 members who bring their enthusiasm and willingness to work as part of a team to every rehearsal.

The annual GBRT Junior X Factor competition is the largest and most established talent competition in the area. The heats and finals provide the opportunity for positive feedback from professional musicians and the opportunity to perform on stage to packed audiences. Entry and tickets to the finals are completely free and each participant receives written feedback on their heat audition of ways to further improve. This fast growing competition regularly receives amazing feedback from participants and audience alike.

Continuing Our Growth
We are delighted to welcome on board a range of local businesses and organisations who have pledged their support to GBRT in the form of funding to secure the future development of the Trust. The latest to provide their financial support are
All Figured Out and Tsunami Computers. These organisations add to the continued support of Brown & Company Solicitors, LE16 Communications, Gordon Blunt Analytics Ltd, MH Music, The Travers Foundation, Market Harborough Building Society Charitable Foundation, Market Harborough & The Bowdens Charity and 2th Dental.

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