Find & Fund Support

The GBRT Find & Fund Support programme moves from strength to strength.  This activity identifies local young people who may need assistance with funding of either vocal or instrumental lessons and associated costs.

Throughout the year, the Trustees of GBRT discuss music development funding requirements with local schools in the Market Harborough area and attend a whole range of concerts performed by children and young people.  They will be searching for new young talent who are dedicated to develop their skills with a view to providing funding towards their vocal and instrumental lessons on an ongoing basis.

The criteria for receiving support are as follows:

Application Timescales
If you fulfil these criteria and genuinely need financial assistance to progress with either your instrumental or vocal studies, simply read the  Grant Application Rules & Information and complete a Grant Application Form in full, returning it to the address provided at the end of the form by Wednesday 7th September. 

All applicants must be available to attend an audition on Sunday 10th September 2017 at Great Bowden Village Hall where you will be asked to: We will contact you after the closing date to let you know your audition time.  

We would like to emphasise that the purpose of the audition is to help us to assess your aptitude, potential and enthusiasm for your chosen instrument. Grants will be awarded to those who are most in need of financial assistance to continue their musical development, not to the most advanced or most able.  

The Trustees will then consider each application very carefully and respond within two weeks from 10th September in writing advising whether each candidate has been successful or not.  Grants are awarded for a full academic year and only assessed on this one occasion each year.