Teacher Listing

To find an instrumental or vocal teacher who is able to teach your chosen instrument and who covers your geographic area can be difficult.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of teachers, detailed their instruments in order of their highest level of qualification plus which geographic areas they cover.  We have also included the contact details to make it easy for you to then discuss with them your, or your children’s, standard of playing and any other questions you may have.

Download Teacher Listing 

Please note that this Teacher Listing should be used as a source of information only and not as a recommendation of GBRT as each student’s needs, standard and aspirations are different.  We would urge you to use this information as a great ‘starter for ten’ in your sourcing of a teacher.

If you are an instrumental or vocal teacher and would like your information to be added to the GBRT Teacher Listing, please feel free to download the Teacher Listing Registration Form and we will add your details as part of our monthly update.  Please complete your information fully and accurately for the benefit of future students and parents search.