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Junior X Factor 2020

Composition Prize Winners

Our panel spent 11 hours listening to nearly 60 auditions for Junior X Factor 2020 on the weekend of 13th-15th March. The standard was once again incredibly high and a huge amount amount of work had clearly gone into preparing performances. It was therefore with great regret that we have had to cancel the Finals due to the social distancing measures that were introduced on the following Monday.

We were able to award the prize for Best Original Composition as this had been judged in advance. The remaining prizes will not be awarded this year as they were due to be based on performances in the Finals. Instead, we have divided up the funds that had been set aside for paying for vocal or instrumental lessons to award a prize for the Most Promising Instrumentalist and Most Promising Vocalist in each age category in the heats and for the Most Promising Group. The winners are:

Best Original Composition (joint winners):
Ione Banks and Naomi Benson

Most Promising Instrumentalist:
Riley Vick (School Years 1-6) - Trombone
Boris Dring (School Years 7-9) - Saxophone
The Rigby Quartet (School Years 10-13)

Most Promising Vocalist:
Amber Mullings (School Years 1-6)
Joseph Pugh (School Years 7-9)
Lotti Timson (School Years 10-13)

Most Promising Group:
The Wonderkatz

A huge well done to them all, and to the other Finalists:
Amelia McMillan, Voice
Brennan Vick, French Horn
Damien Cowie, Voice and Electric Guitar
Ione Banks, Voice
Lily and Maisie, Group
Maisie Meldrum, Voice
Naomi Benson, Cello
Oliver Horn, Saxophone

Thank you to everyone who took part. We hope to see you again next year.


2020 Prizes

We have made some changes to the competition for 2020 including a new prize structure. All finalists will receive a medal and certificate, and in addition the following prizes will be awarded:

  • Best Vocal Performance will receive a recording studio session at Studio 34 worth £100, £100 vocal lessons funded by GBRT and an engraved glass trophy.
  • Best Instrumental Performance will receive £50 music store vouchers, £150 instrumental lessons funded by GBRT and an engraved glass trophy.
  • Best Group Performance will receive £200 music store vouchers and an engraved glass trophy.
  • Best Original Composition will receive £100 music store vouchers, an engraved glass trophy and a one to one session with BAFTA crew member and composer Andrea Possee at her studio where they will receive feedback on their music and an insight into Andrea’s writing process.

One of the above category winners will also be chosen as the Overall Winner of the competition, and will receive an additional engraved glass trophy.

  • Most promising vocalist and most promising instrumentalist will each receive £125 vocal or instrumental lessons funded by GBRT and an engraved glass trophy.