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GBRT Sax Choir

GBRT Sax Choir

Calling all saxophonists – this is your opportunity to rehearse and perform with like-minded musicians of all ages in the first permanent sax choir in Leicestershire!

Open to saxophonists of all ages, you simply need to be able to read music fluently and be of a minimum Grade 4 standard.

When And Where?

The Sax Choir rehearses on the second, fourth and occasionally fifth Sundays of each month, in term time, from 10am to 12pm at Great Bowden Village Hall near Market Harborough.

GBRT Sax Choir 2019 Rehearsal Dates

GBRT Sax Choir 2020 Rehearsal Dates


What Does It Cost?

Full-time students £45 per term / Adults £55 per term which includes venue hire, tuition and refreshments.

Please use the bank details on the Rehearsal Dates Schedule above to set-up a Standing Order into the GBRT account on the dates specified. Subs are paid three times a year, in advance, on 1st March, 1st July and 1st November.


How Do I Join?

Simply complete the online Sax Choir registration form and we will contact you to let you know if a place is available.